Limited Edition Models of Awesome Gassers from the
“Good Old Days” of Drag Racing!

How authentic are your Gasser models?
A lot of research goes into each of our models. We do our best to incorporate features commonly seen on actual full scale gassers but none of our models are exact duplicates of any “real world” cars.

What scale are your models?
Our gassers are 1:18 scale. Most are 8” to 10” long. Our cars are slightly larger than 1:24 scale models.

Are these diecast models?
No, our models are not diecast. Gasser Models’ specialty is polyresin model construction. Our process is less costly than that of diecast models, though our mold-making and painting processes are time-consuming. Diecast gassers (when they can be found) are typically priced substantially higher than our models as the tooling required for diecast models is expensive. Our goal is to bring gasser models to you at the best possible value.

What is the process to produce a polyresin model?
Our gasser models begin with a clay sculpture that’s eventually turned into a mold. From the mold, we manufacture production lots using polyresin material. Each model is polished and individually hand painted. We include as many details as possible.

Are these models toys?
No, our models are not toys. Our gassers are “static” models. This means they have no moving components. Each has non-functioning doors, hood, trunk and tires. Our cars still retain many external features seen on actual gassers. They are great for use as gifts or awards. They are also great collectible items for display in your home, office or shop.

Where are your models manufactured?
All of our models are designed at our facility in Berlin, MD. Detailed model specifications are drawn up here, too. The actual polyresin molding and painting processes are handled by partner companies elsewhere. All sites share quality control responsibilities.

What is meant by “limited edition”?
A typical production run of our gasser models is only a few hundred units per car. Once these are sold out, there is no guarantee of another run taking place of that particular model. Also, a replacement run may have different features or colors. Our goal is to create an ever-expanding line of gasser models.

Do you provide custom models?
Most customers appreciate our models “as is”. We will discuss special requests for custom paint, decals, etc. It must be noted that we fielded requests to produce “one off” models of customer’s cars. Unfortunately, this is a next-to-impossible task due to high initial design costs.

What are your business hours?
Our office hours are 8 AM to 6 PM (Eastern Standard Time), Monday to Saturday. You can often reach us during “off hours” via e-mail. Please let us know if you have any questions.

How long before I receive my model?
We do our best to have all gasser models in all colors always in inventory. And we typically ship within one day of our receipt of your order. Occasionally, a product will temporarily be out of stock. In these instances, we will keep you informed in a timely manner.

Do you accept international orders?
Yes, we ship to most foreign countries. Payment must be in U.S. dollars. In general, we use USPS First-Class Mail International for shipments to foreign locations.

What is your return policy?
Should you desire to return your purchase, please contact us before initiating a return. You must have a Return Authorization Number issued by our company to return an item. You must act within 14 days of your receipt and the model must be returned “prepaid” and in “like new” condition. After our evaluation, we will refund your merchandise price or provide an exchange (your choice).