Limited Edition Models of Awesome Gassers from the
“Good Old Days” of Drag Racing!

We are gasser enthusiasts. We were around during the “good old days” of drag racing and by offering unique gasser models, we aim to help you recapture some of your “back in the day” memories. Now there is certainly a market for other car models but we are only involved with gassers. We don’t sell Funny cars, antique cars, NASCAR cars or “tuner” cars - not that there’s anything wrong with these (except for tuners). Kidding.

Our business is recreating various gassers in model form. These are great display pieces for your car collection or to use as gifts (Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays). Please visit our website regularly to stay current with our ever-evolving line of gasser models.

Gasser Models was established in 2011. We are located on the Eastern shore of Maryland and we ship our models worldwide. We enjoy nostalgia drag racing events, primarily those involving gassers. We also display our models at various car shows. Lastly, it must be mentioned that our “company car” is a black ’55 Chevy gasser! Thanks for your interest in the Gasser Era.

Bruce Blackway, Founder

Gasser Models